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  • Bohol Travel Guide

      This is quite embarrassing but when I was a kid I used to think that the celebrated Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Philippines were really made of chocolates. Seeing these massive and impressive brownish hills in books and postcards only as a kid made me believe that it’s edible and even dreamt of tasting it. […]

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  • The Magic in Moalboal

    Moalboal has always been known for its clear sea waters and fine white sandy beaches. This paradise should be in everyone’s bucket list after all, it’s just a 3 to 4 hour trip to the south of the island from Cebu City, Philippines. I was under the impression of a perfect sunny getaway at the beach – Walking barefoot with the subtly […]

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  • The Chocolate Chamber

    Who doesn’t love chocolates? It can make dull days bright, broken hearts heal, and make frown faces smile. When talking about chocolates, I’m not really the type who go for the sweetest chocolates. I prefer dark chocolates because of the bitter-sweet taste that balances things out as they melt under my palate. One of my […]